I’m here! (not really)

As I promised, I’ve planned some quick posts for while I’m gone! So, if all went according to plan, last night we arrived in Morelia and went straight to a church service and hopefully to bed soon after that. It’s Monday which means today we should be starting Back Yard Bible Clubs in the morning, painting the church in the afternoon, and hanging out at a park tonight (playing soccer, hanging with the kids, etc.).

What other things have been going on? I finally finished A Case for A Creator by Lee Strobel. I’ve been reading this for a long time. Earlier this year I read A Case for Christ, that one was a little hard to get through at first but then I started to really enjoy it and learned a lot of things. So after reading that I thought I would read A Case for a Creator. I thought this would be a good book for me because I so often hear people struggling with creation and I never really feel like I have good answers for them. I thought this genuinely was a good book and well researched, as all of Strobel’s books have been. However, I think a lot of the questions I thought the book was going to answer, it didn’t really address. The book really is making a case for God as a creator. Each chapter takes a different field of science and asks for evidence of intelligent design. I’m not a very scientific minded person and the first couple of chapters were hard to get through, but in reality this book was written so that it is easy for someone like me to understand. My only concern with this books and others that Strobel has written is that I feel like in a way it is very one sided. He only interviews Christian intellectuals and the only time you hear the ‘other side’ of the argument is the people he is interviewing and generally they are proving that the ‘other side’ is wrong. So I guess I was left feeling like I really needed to do more research in order to be convinced. But I’m feeling lazy and getting through that one book I think is enough for me for now. Science isn’t as fun to read as history and fiction. that’s what I love about history – the story. That’s all for me for now! Be praying for me!


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