Birch Box #4!

birchbox4I got my box this month and immediately peeked inside, but it was a busy day so it sat on my counter for a while. Then I finally went to take everything out and I couldn’t find it! I looked for a couple of days and finally blamed Jeremy and insisted that he must have accidentally thrown it away. Well, a couple of days after that I was packing for our Memorial Day Weekend Trip and found it sitting in my closet! So, I guess I put it there, but I have no idea why! I’m just glad I found it because I would have hated to miss these products! The way it works is you sign up for the monthly subscription at just $10/month. You fill out a short beauty profile so that they send you colors and products that match you. Then once a month they send you 5 products. They are usually a sample size, however at $2/item it’s totally worth! They have a men’s box too! It’s a little more expensive but the men get larger items (t-shirts, socks, etc). To sign up, use my referral link 

So what did I get this month!?

whish_shavecreme_acaigrapefruit_900x900Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream This shaving cream smells amazing! I totally loved it! It was creamy and Jeremy even commented that my legs seemed smoother than normal! However, at $20, I think I’ll stick with what I have been using. Although it was creamy and smelled good, I felt like I needed a lot more than I do with my normal shaving lotion.





Caldrea Body Wash and Lotion.  This body wash was quite refreshing and I really enjoyed it. The body wash came in a small bottle so I got to use it quite a few times. The lotion, however, was just in a little envelope so I really only got to use it once. I liked it, but again, one time isn’t really enough with something like that. I liked how milk the scent was – aloe water apricot – so nice!


cynthiarowelybeauty_eyeliner_black_900x900Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner At first I was a bit disapointed to receive an eye pencil, especially black since I don’t normally do black. However, this turned out to be my favorite product! It goes on so smoothly and it for real stays on all day! Even stayed on when I was sweating at the splash park! I am sold! When my sample is gone I will be ordering another one! Plus, I have been using the same eye pencil since I started wearing make-up…not the same brand, the same exact pencil…for 15 years! That can’t be good. Apparently it’s time to branch out!


supergoop_everydayspf30_endlesssummerpump_new_900x900Supergoop! Everyday SPF 30 with Cellular Response Technology  I have been using this sunscreen every day on my face under my make-up. My make-up has sunscreen in it, but I still always put sunscreen on my face in the summer months. I burn so easily and I really try to protect my face. I have been really happy with this. It’s light and not super oily. The full size is actually an 18 oz bottle which is a lot, but still quite a bit more than I would normally spend on sunscreen. However, it’s oil-free and doesn’t clog pores, plus it has a lot of other good stuff in it…maybe I would consider it (but not gonna happen this year!)

smartypants_all-in-onegummyvitaminsforadults_900x900SmartyPants All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults I am always torn about gummy vitamins. It disturbs me that adults in our society need gummy vitamins because we are stuck in our childhood. At the same time, I freakin’ love gummy vitamins and am way more likely to eat them that way! These came in a little envelope so I only got 2, not really enough to decide if I like them or not or to see a difference in how I am feeling. Furthermore, on the webpage it says to take 6 a day (!)…

My next box will be arriving any day and I am so excited!



One thought on “Birch Box #4!

  1. We use the smarty pants brand for Jude – we buy in it bulk on Amazon. Sometimes Jason eats them… and I yell at him and make him eat the normal non-gummy men’s vitamins!

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