Rye Soda Bread and Spinach Strata

photo 2A couple of weeks ago I made Super Natural Every Day’s Rye Soda Bread. Soda bread is so simple – just three ingredients! I was suprised not to find rye flour amongst the many different flours at both Whole Foods and Ccentral Market’s bulk sections, but I did find a small bag of it at Central Market. I thought this was good just out of the oven and slathered with butter. Jeremy felt like it was a little too ‘hearty’ or ‘rye flavored’.  We weren’t eating it fast enought, but Heidi suggests using it in her Spinach Strata, so I did! My parents were going to spend the night and have breakfast with us the next day so I put the whole thing together the night before and then put it in the oven the next morning. I thought it tasted excellent! My mom said it made her feel like she had stayed at a B & B 🙂 The only change I made was to add a little bit of bacon to the strata because you can never go wrong with adding bacon! I’m not sure I’ll make the bread again (but definitely a non-rye soda bread!) but I think I will make the spinach strata again and try it with a less intense bread.


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