Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?


Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? Was the first book we used for our Before Five in a Row ‘preschool’ venture. I got the book from the library a week before, both for the girls and for me! Capri really likes it and asks to read it every night. I’m looking forward to reading some of the other Jesse Bear books. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m using Before Five in a Row for some basics to get me started. I read through the short chapter and have tried to keep talking points in mind when we read the book together. I pulled a couple of activities from the curriculum book and printed off a few of the Fold n Learn Activities that you can get for free on their website.



However, this printable preschool pack was invaluable! It’s free and it was great! I didn’t print out the entire thing because Capri isn’t ready for all of it, but we did most of them! It’s so nice to have some things ready to go! The cutting/pasting activities were especially enjoyable for her! I came up with a few ideas on my own and scoured Pinterest to see what other moms had done!

Cutting and Pasting

Cutting and Pasting

The curriculum suggests a Bible verse so I printed mine out and added some cheesy clipart to help Capri remember the verse. We kept it on the fridge and practiced in the mornings and I tried to bring it up during the day. It was about having a happy heart, so it was relevant pretty much all the time (both for me and her!).

Dressing Bear

Dressing Bear

In the Fold N Learn there is a bear you can cut out and put clothes on but I went ahead and traced the bear onto some extra Pelltex I had.The books suggests using swatches to feel different fabrics, but I just cut out the swatches into shapes that were shirts and pants, etc.  I cut some out before hand but then I let Capri choose the article of clothing, ‘the pattern,’ and then the fabric so we could ‘make’ the clothes.

Hanging Clothes

Hanging Clothes

We also hung up a clothesline and pretended to wash the clothes and then hang them up to dry.

photo 1 (2)We got out all of our stuffed bears one day to play with them. We did some science experiments –  gummy bears in regular water vs salt water overnight. We pretended a box of cornmeal was a sandbox. . We did several crafts where we made a scene based loosely off the book – outside with sun, flours, snakes, etc, night time with moon and stars, bedroom, paper flowers and butterflies.

What’s up next? Well, I thought that I might do the Before Five in a Row stuff every other week and on the off weeks we would do some stuff based on movies we have! So next up, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

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