Recent Reads: Allegiant (Divergent 3)


I’m not going to say a lot in this review. The book has a huge ‘twist’ at the end…and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I will say that I enjoyed the first book. Not as good as Hunger Games, but still enjoyable. Young Adult Fiction, Dystopian, action packed. I didn’t like the 2nd book as much as the 1st. And then I didn’t really like the 3rd…and then there was the ending…and I was super unhappy. I was actually kind of excited to see the movie coming out and now I’m not sure I care…I say Boo on the third book, kind of wish I hadn’t read it. 😦 Sorry, Veronica Roth, I think it’s impressive that you wrote the first book while still in college. I think that means you have a lot of potential. I may read another book that you write, but right now, I’m not super happy with you…


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