Playing School

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I don’t have a lot of memories from being 3 years old. I have a lot of memories of being older than that, 8, 9, 10… I know my mom planned stuff for us to do, but I feel like my brother and I played together a lot. I don’t really remember my mom being there telling us what to do with our time. It was spent imagining we were pioneers on the Oregon Trail (a game we called ‘olden days’) or building a ‘tree house’, or me forcing him to play Barbies (because let’s be honest, I don’t mind playing by myself but my brother would do ANYTHING to play with another person, even if it meant playing Barbies with me).

That’s kind of what I thought it would be like being a mom. Occasionally I would have a fun activity for my kids to do but they would mostly play on there own. And hey, maybe some day they will! But right now, they are little and turns out you have to do stuff with them! And their attention span is incredibly short! A lot of Capri’s friends are in preschool . I didn’t go to preschool and I love being home with my kids (well, it kind of depends on when you ask me 😉 so I didn’t want to put her in preschool, but we need stuff to do! I can only pretend to act out Cinderella so many times in a day, I need us to do other things!

It’s no secret that I like to organize things, so I took that approach to this too. I tried not to overdue it…turns out some moms are hardcore about preschool homeschooling…I don’t really consider what I’m doing homeschooling. More like making a list of a whole bunch of crafts and activities that we can do a week at a time. It’s so nice to have something at my fingertips to do. It did take some time to pull it all together but I’m super thankful to Pinterest and Instagram for pointing me to other moms who have done it before!

I ran across the curriculum Five in a Row a while back and although I’m unsure of how it works with older kids, it felt just right for preschool – they have a smaller version called Before Five in a Row just for preschoolers. Essentially there is a list of books and each book has a set of activities with it. A friend gave me the actual Before Five in a Row book and they offer their printable Fold N Learn’s for free on their website. I did reference all of that, however I got most of my ideas from Pinterest and the blogs it pointed me to, including one that had this awesome printable packet!

I have some kinks to work out. And honestly, they are toddlers, they are moody and sometimes they fall apart because you suggest writing their name at the top of the paper. But I feel much better when I have a bunch of stuff for us to do. It makes me eager to turn off the TV and get us doing things! I look forward to sharing with you how our first week goes – Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear is our first book!

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