Multi-Grain Pancakes

photo (2)

Last week I made Heidi Swanson’s Multigrain Pancakes from Super Natural Every Day. I have 2 go-to pancake recipes that I make regularly. One you make a big batch of the dry mix and can use it for a month of pancakes, and that’s what I use most of the time. I have another recipe that requires beating the eggs until they are foamy that is excellent but generally more work than I’m willing to do on a weekday morning. Neither of those is particularly healthy. I love pancakes and I was interested in trying this recipe. I give it 4 stars! I thought they were great! It’s hard to compare them to a white flour buttermilk pancake because they are just not the same thing. I like a good grain-tasting pancake though and these were great with maple syrup.

I used the suggestion and saved my leftover batter and made waffles the next day. I actually think I preferred them as waffles! I didn’t buy oat flour, I just ground the oats up in my food processor. The rye flour was harder to find than I anticipated. I had hoped to find it in the bulk flour section at either Whole Foods or Central Market along with their 30 other kinds of flours, but no! I did find a small bag of it at Central Market. It wasn’t cheap but I didn’t need a lot for this recipe and plan to use it to make her Rye Soda Bread as well!

If you are up for trying a Multigrain Pancake, I think this is a great option!


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