Thoughts on a year with Thirty-One

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About a year ago I read Half the Sky and wanted to be able to do something to make a difference. I chose to become a consultant with Thirty-One and give part of my commission to help women in need. I started off strong and it felt so good. Life got a little crazy and my excitement waned. However, I was able to end the year tolerably well. It was the desire to use this business to make a difference that really made me want to keep going! I am excited to say that last year I was able to give away $350 to several different charities! At the end of the year when I added it all up it made my heart happy!

I went into this year wanting to be a bit more focused. I was so touched when I read Half the Sky by the women who were undergoing fistulas and had no healthcare. So I decided that I needed to make a goal for myself and my goal for the year is to sell enough to fund 1 fistula surgery through Fistula Foundation. In January and February I stayed on track and at 20% toward my goal! I’m super excited about it! Last year, I offered to let my hostesses choose their charity and I will still let that stand, however if you are up for it, I would love for  my hostesses to help with my goal!

Last week I partnered with Marijoy and Noonday Collection to hold a discussion night about the Half the Sky documentary. Watching the documentary, only reminded me how excited I am to try to be a part of stopping the oppression of women!

So now you know! When you buy Thirty-One through me, you are also being a part of making a difference! 10% of all sales go toward something awesome! As a little example, this month’s special is spend $35 and get one of 5 totes half off. So when you purchase this month’s special not only will you end up with great bags but you would be donating an average of $7-10 toward Fistula Foundation! I think that’s super exciting!


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