What I’m Cooking From These Days

photo (1)Cooking…I remember when cooking was such an adventure all the time. The last year or so cooking has become such a chore. I cook a lot. We don’t go out to eat very often and these kids – they have to eat all the time! Meals, snacks, etc… And of course, you gotta try to be healthy! Clean eating seems like it would be simpler but often it’s not and that can be so disheartening!

I’ve been working to find a balance. There’s budget issues, health issues, time issues…Some days I don’t have  a great attitude when it comes to making dinner, but some days I’m able to rise above and take a breath and find some joy in it. These books are helping me for sure. They inspire me. Even if I can’t make one of these recipes every  day. I really am aiming for about 2 a week. The rest of the week I have some go to meals that center around what’s on sale at the grocery store.

You know that I love Sprouted Kitchen. Thanks to my amazing cousin Courtney over at Intake this cookbook has been huge for me this last year! For real, you need to check out her website…and follow her on instagram… and if you live in Nashville, you need to hire her NOW! Anyway, she cooked for us while she was visiting last year and suggested this cookbook to me. I have made a good portion of the recipes and continue to love it!

In the new year I decided I needed to add to my inspiration for clean eating. I ordered Heidi Swanson’s (from 101cookbooks.com) cookbook Super Natural Every Day. I’m still working through reading it, but I haven enjoyed every minute of it! I made two of the salads from this book for my brother’s birthday (Mixed Green Salad and Whole Grain Rice Salad) and I tried another one last  week (Orzo Salad). The recipes seem really accessible, healthy, and delicious! I’m excited to cook my way through this one.

My mom bought me Best Lunch Box Ever for Christmas. It’s a great book to inspire you to feed your kids better. I have made the apple sauce recipe several times. I think in about a year my kids will be a little more ready for the ideas in this book. With only 4 teeth still, Colette still can’t eat everything most toddlers would be able to devour!

And finally, my mom gave me Clean Eating for Busy Families for my birthday. I haven’t had a chance to dive in yet, but I am looking forward to it!

That’s what I’m cooking from. It’s been a transition for me. I used to cook almost solely from magazines (Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Shape), but this seems to fit us better right now. I have certainly become more comfortable in the kitchen. Also I don’t cook a different recipe every night now, oftentimes I will cook a handful of the same meals several times a month. Change can be good!

What are you cooking from?


One thought on “What I’m Cooking From These Days

  1. I have been relying on magazines, pinterest, and ‘old faithful’ recipes. It makes me sad that cooking has become such a chore – we need to eat so often! I used to love getting in the kitchen and making something yummy. Meal planning has become so difficult!

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