This last week we did Brave. Harper was unfortunately sick one of the days so we didn’t do all of the stuff I had planned, but that was perfectly fine, since I was going to have to drop some of the stuff anyway because I didn’t get enough supplies! We had a couple of glitches getting the movie, but luckily I had gotten this book off of Amazon for cheap so we read it first to lay a foundation.


After reading the book we started off by making these Scottish Sweet Buns. They are really just biscuits shaped like sweet rolls, but when making sweet rolls with kids these are quick and easy. The recipe didn’t quite match up with the ingredient list so I made some little changes, but they turned out fine (although I didn’t love them).


And of course after they were ready we had to have a tea party…and some people were very excited about it!


Harper stays a little more calm…


Then some bubbles, because they could do bubbles all the time!


Then it started raining so we ran in the rain and then they came in and got their blankets because they were cold!


First Brave craft was to make “Merida hair“.


Then we watched the movie and I ‘taught’ them to ride horses on the arm of our couch (sorry Lindsey!) We also did some coloring and such that afternoon and Harper took a 3 hour nap (should have been the first sign she was getting sick 😦

We took a day off since Harper wasn’t with us. But the morning she was sick I gave Capri this doll that I got at the Disney Outlet for $3.99! Then we wrapped up Harper’s doll in butcher paper and Capri decorated and we drove to her house to give it to her so she could feel better! Capri really loves the doll so it’s been a hit in our house!


Harper was back on Thursday so we started the day off by making Chocolate bear paws! You have to make the dough and then put it in the fridge so we just made the dough in the morning.


Then we made this Brave playset.


We did a little swimming and everyone got a little tired.


While they napped I put together and cooked the bear paws. Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with how they turned out! And they tasted pretty good too! Both girls loved them!

We did more coloring and activity sheet in the afternoon. We didn’t end up making the 3D papercraft this time around. We didn’t do the tapestry for lack of time. We didn’t do the shrink wrap jewlery because that paper was a little too pricey for me! I still printed it out on regular paper and we might do something with the little pictures later. And we didn’t make bow and arrows either, but I think Capri and I might do some of these another time!


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