4th of July Activities

We had two days together for 4th of July and I tried to pull from my patriotic spirit that is hidden inside of me somewhere! I really don’t want to taint my children with my weird baggage and I have weird patriotism baggage – I know it’s not cool…but this post is not about that…It’s about trying to find 4th of July crafts for toddlers!


It didn’t start overly patriotic, but sometimes you just need to dress like a ballerina and play with some Little People πŸ™‚


And also not 4th of July related, but we colored these wooden magnetic dolls. It was a lot of fun (maybe more for me than for them). I got them on clearance so the pens were all a little dry, but there is not shortage of markers in this house so not a problem. Also the girls clothes were far from modest, but I’m hoping their little brains didn’t notice πŸ˜‰


And then we tried another ‘science experiment’. It was food coloring in water and oil and it was supposed to look like fireworks. It was kind of a fail…I think because I used the gel food coloring.


So once the experiment was over we went to the park for some fresh air. In this picture they are sitting on the bench in time out for fighting over the swing…sadly that was only the beginning of the swing drama and then we had to leave early because someone needed to use the bathroom.


And then we started to get really patriotic! We tried to paint flags…Not so much with the staying in the lines or not painting on the blue…Oh well!


The next day I had help! My friend Heather came over with her two little girls. She even brought an Independence Day snack! Star-shaped bread topped with marshmallow whip and strawberries and blueberries. Capri and Mia loved it. Ella was not a fan and no matter how many times I told Harper should would like the marshmallow whip she refused to believe me!


And then we did a craft! We tried to make these and considering they are only 2 I actually think it went pretty well.


They really liked painting the craft sticks.


And just because she is so precious!


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