Food hasn’t been that exciting around here. I cook so much that sometimes I get tired of thinking about it. I do love cooking, but some days I just think, “for real? it’s time to eat again?” and “didn’t I just clean up the kitchen like 10 minutes ago?” I honestly we are on a pretty tight budget so every week is pretty much the same – Monday – fish, Tuesday – roast a chicken and make stock for Wednesday – chicken soup, Thursday – pot of beans, Friday – something fun from Sprouted Kitchen, Saturday – grill chicken legs, Sunday – leftovers….and that’s how it goes pretty much every week, but lately I haven’t even necessarily been doing the Sprouted Kitchen recipe so it has gotten pretty boring…I have made a few new items though…

photo(22)I made Sprouted Kitchen’s Lentil Meatballs in Lemon Pesto. These really did turn out great! I loved the idea of using lentils instead of beef and I’m a sucker for pesto! We thought these were excellent. My only complaint is that I didn’t think they worked very well as leftovers – they got pretty dry and there were A LOT of leftovers! But still, 4 out of 5 stars!

photo(26)I made Sprouted Kitchen’s Creamy Millet with Roasted Portobellos. Another one where Jeremy was like, this is weird, but it was good! I liked it the more I ate it! I didn’t have any millet so I used quinoa and it worked just fine. The millet/quinoa was very rich. I also didn’t have Tuscan kale, so I used the curly stuff and I think it would have had better texture if I had access to the Tuscan kale. The Portobellos tasted awesome. The whole thing together was great! 4 out of 5 stars!

photo(25)I’m a lucky girl in that I have a great friend who I get to meet with regularly. Beth and I have been getting together weekly for about 7 years (really? has it been that long?!) Last week we met at the Domain for ice tea and browsing and then she brought me a cookie that she made…and my life changed! I know that’s dramatic, but this was an awesome cookie! And then the very next day I needed another one…so I made a batch! These are Smitten Kitchen’s Crispy Chewing Chocolate Chip Cookies and I don’t know if I’ll make another kind ever again. Jeremy came home and took a bite and said, “wow…it just kind of makes you smile, doesn’t it?’ I texted my mom and told her to make them that night…she didn’t but the very next day she made a double batch!


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