If You Give A Pig A Party

181601On Thursday we read If You Give A Pig A Party. Lots of fun. Turns out balloons and bubbles are awesome and 2-year-olds can spend a lot of time playing with them! Harper kept bringing me the book and asking me, “what’s next, Ellie?”


We started off our day making party hats.


They were actually a lot more excited about them than she seems in this picture πŸ™‚


Love her!


Then we put on our favorite party dresses.


Then we gave hugs and had a dance party…with balloons! Also we played hide and seek and also had a pillow fight…not pictured because we were moving around a lot. They really loved the pillow fight!


Then we played ‘bumper cars.’ Originally I had planned on decorating boxes like cars but I didn’t get them so I just pulled out the laundry baskets, put pillows in them and pushed them around πŸ˜‰


Harper wanted Colette to be in her car with her. So sweet!


Later we took a walk and ended up at the park until they got thirsty and asked to go home to get some water! They held hands on their walk even though Capri wanted to walk and Harper wanted to sit in the stroller.


After naptime they asked to do another craft but first we made a fort and decorated it with balloons!


Then we went outside and did bubbles.


Capri really loved them.


Colette didn’t get any bubbles, but she is still super cute!


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