If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

767680Day 2 of Laura Numeroff books was If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. The original. The classic. We love this one. That little mouse is super cute! It was another day full of fun. Harper would go find the book and hold it up to me and ask, “what’s next, Ellie?” It made me smile πŸ™‚ They are starting to understand that we are doing the things in the book…wasn’t sure they understood that the first day!


Not gonna lie…the day didn’t start out awesome. This one was awake at 4 and I unsuccessfully tried to get her to go back to sleep until 5:15 when I gave up. So I was pretty tired. I ran off adrenaline and caffeine until about 3:45 and I crashed. We were playing with play dough and my eyes were closing on their own! Oh well, I made it through the day and I’m pretty convinced the only reason was that I already had all of our activities planned out!


Of course the first thing we did was bake cookies!


And then we ate cookies while drinking our milk out of a straw!


Here we are making tiny flannel pillows for our mouse beds. I know, I’m looking a little tired…and it wasn’t super easy to sew little pillows with two toddlers on my lap πŸ˜‰


Here is one of the little beds with the little pillow!


Capri loves doing stuff like this. She loves to make her stuffed animals cozy and pretend that she is putting them to sleep! The only mouse we had to put in our mouse beds was a little Mickey Mouse so Capri is using a bee and a little dog πŸ™‚


I let them raid my fabric scraps to use for blankets and such.


We did manage to make it to the park. We did swings and slides and then we played on the basketball court – lots of running, follow the leader, and a confusing attempt at red light, green light πŸ˜‰


We did attempt some mouse masks. I found this printable on Pinterest. We did draw some pictures and put them on the fridge too but I didn’t take pictures of that. We also did the apple treasure hunt a couple more times.


We did some sweeping (and arguing over the broom)


And we broke out the play dough. They kept asking to paint but I just didn’t have it in me…


It was a good, but tiring day!Β Up next – Either If You Give A Pig A Party or A Pancake…I haven’t made a decision yet!


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