If You Give A Dog A Donut

10550292We started off our two weeks of Laura Numeroff books with If You Give A Dog A Donut! I just love these books. So much fun. Great pictures. The girls never get tired of them…and it takes a while for me to get tired of them 😉 So the first day went great! Check out all the fun we had!


We started the day off by making some kites!


Check out my kite!


And then we ‘flew’ our kites…


I love this picture!


Coloring a pirate treasure map.


And then it was snack time so….we had donuts with apple juice!


In the book the dog picks apples, however we don’t have an apple tree. So I printed off some clip art apples and taped them all over the house. They each got a ‘basket’ and got to ‘pick’ the apples. I had no idea how much they would like this. They were running around giggling shouting “I found one!” They loved it so much! I will have to do something like this again! I see more scavenger hunts in our future!


Here they are showing me their collection and asking to do it again…which we did – 2 more times!


The dog gets hot and needs to take a break and cool off with the hose and then starts a water fight and in the end dries off with the little boy’s bandana…So we headed out to the pool for a little water fun. If you look closely you can see that they are carrying their bandanas…which I could not get them to wear. Capri wore hers for a few seconds and it was ADORABLE but she didn’t wear it long enough to get a picture.


I had my camera ready when I put the bandana on Colette, but as you can see, she wasn’t having it.


Still fun was had by all! And I’ll admit I did not encourage an actual water fight…although Capri did spray Harper with the hose – unfortunately Harper really doesn’t like to get wet in the pool…


And then they needed a break so they watched Pooh’s Heffalump 🙂 Lunch and naps soon followed.


I had originally planned on borrowing or getting a little baseball set or something so we could ‘play’ baseball but I kind of dropped the ball on that one 😉 instead we rolled the ball back and forth…


No day is compete without a dance party. They had several throughout the day 🙂

And that concludes Day 1! Up Next – If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!


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