Sofia the First Day 3 in Pictures!

Day 3 began our second week of summer! Harper was sad when she arrived but perked up a bit when I told her we would be making cupcakes!


Aren’t they just the cutest little bakers!?


Then we made princess wands…tiny ones. I didn’t realize we were out of regular sized marshmallows. But the little ones worked just fine and they had a lot of fun with them!


We had a snack time tea party which of course included a mini cupcake sans frosting. They also got to pick out their tea from the tea chest 🙂


Then they made their way outside to the sandbox…where Capri dumped sand in her hair and after that we did some time in the pool because I really don’t know how else to get all that sand out of hair! The rest of the afternoon was spent in the pool, naps, pool again, snacks, and a movie. I think they may have done some more coloring but I really don’t remember!


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