Summer Plans

Ok, so I’m a planner. That’s how I manage to stay sane. So the summer is almost here and this summer we are going to have so much fun! Because Capri is a little older and because Capri’s friend, Harper, will be with us 3 days a week! I think it’s going to be awesome, but I also think that I need to do some serious planning to keep two toddlers and an almost 1 year old busy! So I’m making plans. I’m pinning like crazy. I’m searching the clearance racks at Hobby Lobby and Target. I’m printing coloring sheets. I’m preparing to sew!

I’m going to share my plans with you. I would love feedback and ideas. I would love it even more if you did some of the activities too so we could share in the fun!

It worked out best in my mind to theme each week and focus on activities surrounding that theme! I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about this!

Now the first week is the only one I really have fully planned but you can check out my Pinterest boards for all of them to see what I’m thinking and I will try to post my planning updates as I pull stuff together!

Week of June 3rd and June 10th – Sophia the First. I went with two weeks for this one because I have plenty to do and we only have 2 days, plus I’m sure we’ll make some father’s day stuff too. We are a little obsessed with the girl we call Princess Sophie in our house. So I have plans to make some purple tulle dresses, we have lots of coloring pages from the Disney Jr site. Some things we are going to do – make necklaces out of pasta, make tiaras, make wands, build a castle fort, paint our nails purple, and bake cupcakes for…our Sophia the First tea party! Yes! We are inviting our little friends over for a tea party where the girls can dress up, do crafts, drink tea, and have snacks! It’s going to be so fun! We will also also be watching some episodes during the week. We have one downloaded and Disney Jr has a new one on the site every week. If I can get a hold of a copy of the movie we’ll watch that too. We also own the CD of the music so I’m sure there will be plenty of dance parties!

Week of June 17th – If You Give A… We own 6 of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books by Laura Nuemeroff and we love them. There are plenty of activities to do with these! I think we will be doing some fun stuff in the kitchen as well as some cool crafts!

Week of June 24th – Back Yard Bible Clubs – Our church is doing clubs and we are hosting one in the morning so that will take up our mornings that week and I think the afternoons will be spent recovering and just doing regular fun stuff like painting, coloring, swimming in the pool, etc…

Week of July 1st – 4th of July – So we will make an attempt at being patriotic with crafts and recipes this week! If anyone has any good pre-school appropriate books they recommend that would be cool…maybe we should watch Fieval! although I kind of remember that being really scary to me when I was little…

Week of July 8th – Cinderella – We love Cinderella in our house. She is a good princess – humble and kind! Plus the little birds and mice are super cute. We have a Cinderella coloring book that we will use. I’ll rent the movie from the library…maybe we will even check out the sequel. I might make something like this for them to wear! I have also found some paper doll printables and such. Maybe we will decorate a pumpkin! I also have some color on wood princess castles that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby that we will probably use for this week.

Week of July 15th – Doc McStuffins – I think this will be fun too! We will watch some episodes and see if we can get our hands on some books. I have some little felt messanger bags that I got on clearance a while back and I think I’m going to make them little doctor kits! I’m sure there will be a lot of pretend play this week with our stuffed animals and we will also do some coloring and other crafts to go with it!

Week of July 22nd – Queen Esther – Because for sure we should do a biblical princess too! I’m thinking about trying to get the Veggie Tales version of this story but I think we will also read a couple of versions from the different kids Bibles we have and I’ve found some good activities on Pinterest for this as well!

Week of July 29th – Madeline Again, renting movies and books from the library and using Pinterest to inspire some crafts for us!

Week of August 5th – Butterflies – We just have so many books about catapillers and butterflies that I thought we could certainly fill a week with this stuff. There are lots of crafts and I think it will be fun.

Week of August 12th – TinkerBell – Capri already has a fairy costume from last Halloween so we will see what Harper has…there are some adorable ones on pinterest that I am tempted to try! I’m thinking we might have a little party for this one too…we could make little fairy houses!

Week of August 19th – Belle – Belle was always a favorite of mine so I couldn’t leave her out! I know I’ll want to make this in yellow…but we will see…

Week of August 26th – Brave – I’ve only seen this movie once but people seem to really like it so I threw it in there too…however I know there is a chance we won’t need it but if we get that far I’m sure I can find some good stuff!

So that’s the plan! I will try to update as much as possible! Let me know what your summer plans are or if you have any wonderful ideas for me to add!



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