More of What We Are Eating

photo (8)Sprouted Kitchen’s Edamame Dumplings. These seem like they are going to be hard but actually they were not difficult and didn’t take too much time! But I was worried…I wasn’t sure about the flavor. I thought they might be weird – BUT they were not! They were awesome! The more I ate them the more I liked them and I even thought they were better the second day! So I didn’t use the lemongrass because I couldn’t find it at my grocery store. I also couldn’t find mirin so I just used rice wine vinegar. I also skipped the microgreens/pea shoot garnish because I don’t have a lot of extra cash right now. I took the suggestion to sear them on each side first. I just used olive oil since I thought that much sesame oil might be strong for us. I love what it added to both the texture and flavor and none of mine came apart while steaming as a result. We gave these 5 stars! So good!

Sprouted Kitchen’s Ranchero Breakfast Tostadas. This is what we made for our family (including my parents) on mother’s day. I love breakfast but I tend to go heavy on the carbs and I wanted something that would taste somewhat healthy and fresh but that my dad would also think was awesome. Of course I turned to my Sprouted Kitchen cookbook because clearly I have some sort of obsession! These were sooooo good! They were everything that I wanted them to be! The only change I made was to leave out the cumin because Jeremy can’t eat it but otherwise we followed the recipe. Sometimes with a recipe after I make it I wish they would instruct on how to eat it because we were a little unsure. My first attempt I cut it with a knife…the 2nd one I made I went ahead and crushed my tostada up first and then piled on all of the toppings. It wasn’t pretty but I didn’t care! We liked it so much that the next day when we were make regular breakfast tacos we decided to make the beans that way again – mashing and mixing in a little sour cream with salt and pepper. 5 stars!

photo (9)Sprouted Kitchen’s Pumpkin Pecan GranolaHave you ever been making a recipe and realize it uses way less of an ingredient than you thought it did so you decide to just double, triple, or whatever the recipe so that you use it all up? Well, that’s what I did with this recipe. I opened my can of pumpkin and then realized I only needed 1/3 a cup so I decided to…wait for it…quintuple the recipe! This was going swimmingly until I realized that I was going to end up using my entire bottle of (new) organic maple syrup (plus what was left in my Mrs. Buttersworth bottle), use all the oats left in my house plus a cup of steel-cut oats, and not have enough pecans or raisins…It’s all good though! I made Jeremy a batch without nuts anyway and have just been adding the raisins in as I eat it. I love pumpkin and I love granola so there really was no way I wasn’t going to like this recipe. I do like it. Although, not gonna lie, I’m still partial to the granola I grew up eating…Capri, however, couldn’t probably eat this day and night with a little yogurt to go with it – she absolutely loves it! 4 stars!

photo (10)Sprouted Kitchen’s Toasted Millet Salad with Arugula (Spinach), Quick Pickled Onions, and Goat Cheese (with roasted chicken). So I was nervous about this one too…I wasn’t sure I would like it. I LOVED it! I used spinach in place of arugula because sometimes I don’t really like arugula. I also added some shredded roasted chicken that I had left over from the night before (it was a good call). This was so great. We ate it warm the first night because I was not going to wait for the millet to cool down and I actually preferred it that way even though I had it cold as leftovers later. I also used regular balsamic vinegar instead of white because that’s what I had on hand and thought it worked out just fine. I think this may become one of my go to sides to bring places! And those pickled onions – so good! I can’t wait to try them on some fish tacos! 5 stars!

Look forward to more reviews for The Sprouted Kitchen as I plan on trying the Moroccan Stuffed Squash and the Roasted Cauliflower Capellini this next week!


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