What We Are Eating

Sprouted Kitchen’s (Smoky) Red Lentil Soup. “Smoky” is in parenthesis because I didn’t use liquid smoke – it gives Jeremy terrible heartburn. I also couldn’t find red lentils at my grocery store, so mine were green or brown I’m not sure. I also didn’t use cumin…again Jeremy. However, this was a tasty little soup. It reminded me of split pea soup but without such a harsh ”pea’ taste so it was good. It’s nothing super exciting but healthy and hearty. I will be making it again. 4 stars!

Sprouted Kitchen’s Lemon and Herb Hummus. So a couple of weeks ago I tried Smitten Kitchen’s hummus and wasn’t in love. This week I tried Sara’s hummus. I feel like the jury is still out on this one. For starters I went to add the dill and my dill had gone bad so I definitely think I’ll try it again with the dill. I substituted some sage and I added quite a bit extra lemon juice. It definitely was better the 2nd day. Capri loves it and asks for it whenever I offer her a snack (and sometimes when I don’t offer). I think the reality is that I just like my hummus kind of plain. Beth makes a great hummus…I’m going to try her recipe next and then another day I will make this one again with dill and maybe the feta and cucumber topping too! 4 stars.

Shauna Niequist’s Magical White Bean Soup. Wow. Just Wow. And Yumm! This was so much better than I thought it would. I mean I like white bean soup. I’ve made some before, but this was so much richer! I was out of celery and only had a couple of carrots left and I used bacon instead of prosciutto. It was so good! And don’t skip the vinaigrette  It was so good! And I don’t generally love fennel but I couldn’t taste in here or at least I didn’t taste anything I didn’t like! This recipe is from her new book, Bread & Wine. You should get it and read it and make everything in it! 5 stars!

Look forward to more reviews for The Sprouted Kitchen as I plan on trying the Edamame Dumplings and Ranchero Breakfast Tostadas this next week!



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