Changing the Wold, One Bag at a Time!

photo (1)So I mentioned in my last post that after reading Half the Sky I really wanted to do something. At first I considered going back to school to become a surgeon, dragging my family to Africa, and spending the rest of my life in a fistula hospital. Still a possibility ūüėČ but Jeremy encouraged me to start with something a little less extreme! I knew I wanted to help but funds were limited and I’m not awesome at building awareness…I needed something to help me do it.

Enter Thirty-One! My mother-in-law had been selling their products for about a year and I loved everything so much. But this was the push I needed. This is such an amazing platform to make a step towards changing the world! It’s already a great company that cares deeply about empowering women. So that, of course, was encouraging but I knew that I could take it a step further. So, 10% of all my sales go toward something awesome. Mostly I want my focus to be on women, but I have offered to let my hostesses choose what is close to their hearts so that the money from their parties goes toward something they are excited about. For example, I did a party this last weekend and we have raised over $60 to donate to CASA – the court appointed advocates for kids in foster care in Travis County! Awesome. I have a party coming up that is donating money to the Invisible Girl Project in India! I am SO excited! So pretty much, you buy a bag and we can help change the world!¬†Are you intrigued? You could host a party and choose something to donate too! I think this would be a great opportunity to raise money for adoption or for mission trips.

photo (2)Anyway, I’m super excited and I have an¬†enticing¬†opportunity¬†for you to help out (other than contacting me and telling me you want to host a party, which would totally make my day!) We have a pretty great special going on this month. For every $35 you spend, you can get our Jr. Duffle for $10 or our Pro Duffle for $25. They are awesome and as you can see on your left, Capri and I have matching mother-daughter duffles! It’s a great deal and I am willing to make it just a little bit sweeter for you! If you order the special between now and April 13th you can get free shipping! Want to place an order? Check out my website and then leave a comment here on the blog letting me know you’d like to place an order and I will contact you!


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