Hello Mornings

I mentioned in this post that I was starting the Hello Mornings challenge. Well, it’s been 2 months now of getting up before my kids to spend time with Jesus and prepare myself for the day. You know what? It’s been totally awesome! I really do look forward to it! Before bed I set my coffee pot to go off right when my alarm does so my coffee is ready to go. I set out my little granola bar with my books (I read my Bible on my phone) and it’s so cozy. I so enjoy that time of being alone. And it has made such a difference in my attitude. I am in a much better mood when I have some time to prepare myself instead of being woken up by my kids every morning. I have set my alarm for 5 minutes earlier each week slowly making my way to my goal time (I’m just one week away from getting to it!). Anyway, I am loving it! I totally recommend it! Now my day feels off when I don’t get up and going before everyone else! And my Facebook group has been so encouraging. I don’t even know all the girls in it in real life but I think we’ve created a special community. There is something bonding about being up in the early hours of the morning together sharing our joys and struggles. my summary – it’s awesome!


4 thoughts on “Hello Mornings

  1. I can totally tell a difference in how my day goes with the kids if I don’t get up before them and have some quiet time to myself and with God. I’m glad you are finding encouragement and are growing during this time with littles.

  2. I’m thinking about signing up for this on the next round. There is such a difference in my day when I do get up early and prepare myself for the day! Accountability in that is always a good thing.

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