Sprouted Kitchen

photoIt’s been pretty quiet around here lately. We went through some serious sleeping (read: sleepless) issues with Colette for a while and I just went into survival mode. However, I feel like we are coming out of that and moving forward. I have cooked more than what’s in this post but honestly who can remember?

Jeremy and I had been talking about our food and some of the changes we were wanting to make but we felt a little foggy as to where to start. Enter my cousin Courtney who came to visit for a few days. She had just graduated from culinary school as a natural chef. While she was here we talked food, I looked through her text book, and best of all, she cooked a meal for us! Needless to say we were both inspired! She left a list of cookbooks for me to check out and I went right away to use up a birthday gift card and purchased the book The Sprouted Kitchen. Amazingly I hadn’t run across this blog before, but believe me it’s made a permanent place in my Reader! In the last week I’ve made 3 of the recipes and have a couple more on the docket for this week!

First I made the Multigrain Carrot-Date Muffins (note: this link is to a gluten free version so it’s not the exact recipe I used). 5 Stars! These were sooooo yummy! The only change I made was using brown sugar instead of muscovado because I couldn’t find it at either Sprouts or HEB. I am definitely going to make them again. Unfortunately it was these muffins that seemed to confirm that Jeremy is allergic to almonds so I will have to fore go the almond meal 😦

Next I tried the Crunchy Curried Chickpeas. 3 Stars. Not gonna lie, these were not as exciting as I hoped they would be. That’s all I really have to say about them.

Finally, Monday night I made the Quinoa Collard Wraps with Carrot-Misso Spread. Now one of the reasons I had the guts to make these for my family is that Jeremy had seen the picture and had commented on how good it looked. Fast forward to last night when he sees my bowl of shredded beats and asks what they are. Turns out he thought the beets in the picture were pieces of bacon…I can understand his disappointment. Either way, these were excellent! I cooked my quinoa with some homemade chicken stock I had in the freezer. I had to substitute chopped baby spinach for the sprouts since I couldn’t find any at HEB this morning. These get 5 stars too! Very tasty and I felt super healthy.

More adventures in clean eating to come!


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