The Ache of Motherhood

I have heard it said that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of your body. How a mother aches to protect her child. And yet all the while, from infancy to adulthood, a good mother is training her child to move ever more away from her, to need her less and less. Mothers love and long for their children. Their hearts ache for them, over them. A woman bleeds when she gives birth, but that is only the beginning of the bleeding. A heart enlarged by all a mother endures with and through her child’s life, all a mother prays and works and hopes for on her child’s behalf bleeds too. – Captivating, 175-176

I recently finished reading the book Captivating (I know I’m about 10 years late on this one). This quote was in there within the chapter on Mothers and Daughters and I felt like it describes a little bit of how I feel. I love my husband so much, but my love for him is so different from my love for my girls. It really does feel like my heart is walking around outside of my body. I’m not a natural worrier, but I do worry about them. I have to use real discipline to not worry all the time. If it’s hard for me to let them live life right now when they are so little I can’t imagine watching them do dumb things when they are teens or adults…Is this how you feel too?


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