Pinned It, (Over) Did It! Dried Strawberries

photo-16We had most of a pint of strawberries left over and I didn’t think we would get through eating them before they went bad. I remembered a pin I had seen and wanted to try out some dried strawberries. I quartered them because I wanted to make sure they were small enough for Capri…that was my downfall. Apparently they were too small and I burnt them. Maybe I wouldn’t have burnt them if I had checked on them but I totally forgot about them! My sweet friend, Laura, came by to drop off a book and my timer started going off. She asked if I needed to get it and I looked at her and said, “I have no idea what that timer is for!” Turns out…I should have only halved my strawberries and checked them before the 3 hours were up! Oh well…another time perhaps!


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