14 Days of Love!

indexI hesitate to post this and it’s totally an insecurity issue on my part. I had planned on doing this for a while and then I had a friend make a comment after a recent mom’s meeting to me. She was teasing me and being funny and I wasn’t offended at all (so if you’re reading this, don’t worry about it – I’m fine!), but it totally sparked some weird insecurity in me. The comment was about crafting with toddlers. A joke had been made at our mom’s meeting and I guess some of the girls at her table had mentioned my facebook posts about our 25 days of advent and she jokingly told me that they ‘cursed’ me and my crafts. I laughed and it was funny, but it totally made me feel insecure! It happens. It especially happens for me around other women, but I’m not alone in that right? Just because my mind went crazy with, ‘OMG! They were talking about me! It doesn’t sound like they like me! Are my facebook posts annoying? I haven’t posted anything in a month and I’m still annoying them! What’s wrong with me?  Should I apologize? Should I put some sort of disclaimer with any crafty pictures saying how it only occupied her for a total of 3 minutes and ended with a crazy temper tantrum on the floor and a huge mess for me to clean up that I only did a half-ass job of cleaning up because let’s face it, my house is always dirty?’ You get it, I have issues.

What was I talking about? Oh right, 14 days of Love. I totally love Valentine’s Day! Which is kind of weird because my birthday is the day before and I always felt like Valentine’s day kind of stole my thunder. However, I still love Valentine’s Day. I kind of have some things on my plate right now. I’m hosting a baby shower in a couple of days and Capri’s 2nd birthday is the right before Valentine’s day, but I loved our advent activities so much that I really wanted to do another mini version for Valentine’s Day!

Luckily we have pinterest! For real, what was my life before Pinterest? So I had a myriad of Valentine’s crafts and activities at my disposal. I’ve picked out 14 for us to do  with a few substitutes for days that it’s just not going to happen (because we have those days and on those days…we’ll go get a cake pop from Starbucks!). Here is my plan! We’d love for you to join us for 1 or 14 days! Let me know if you do!

For a visual of my plan, check out my Pinterest Board! Note: I’ve already made some changes so it might not be exactly the same.

Day 1 – Make a Valentine’s Day garland for our fireplace. I saw this one on etsy and am going to make a similar one! I think I may also add numbers or something…Mostly I will be doing this but I plan to have Capri ‘crafting’ right alongside me!

Day 2 – Some days you need something simple so…a printable Valentine’s angel! She has some other great stuff on her blog (including Bunnyfur, who we love!)

Day 3 – Paint by number. I got this at Party City.

Day 4 – Sugared marshmallow pops…because they were a huge hit during our Christmas advent!

Day 5 – Decorate Valentine’s cookies. We tried this for both Thanksgiving and Christmas with mild success…I’m just going to keep trying because I have cute Valentine’s sprinkles to use!

Day 6 – Little heart pillows. We’re going to sew up some little heart-shaped pillows and I’m going to see if Capri will help me stuff them…

Day 7 – Sweet Heart Rice Krispy Treats. And we’ve never made rice krispy treats before so I think it will be fun!

Day 8 – Button hearts. We glued buttons on felt trees at Christmas and it was a big hit so we’re pretty much going to do the same thing here.

Day 9 – Wood craft kit – I bought a little wooden coloring craft kit at Hobby Lobby – another easy one! (don’t know if this will really happen that day because it’s the day of her birthday party!)

Day 10 – Foam craft kit. Another one from Hobby Lobby. They had a bunch and I haven’t actually purchased one yet…

Day 11 – Toilet paper roll painting. I’ve seen this everywhere, but the kid in the picture looks so clean…my hopes are not that high

Day 12 – Make Dad a Valentine. paper, doillies, markers, stickers…that’s it!

Day 13 – Make cupcakes. I have a little set of Valentine’s cupcake liners and toppers so we’ll make some for Dad to take to work!

Day 14 – Valentines Day Basket. I’m thinking like a little easter basket but with some little Valentine goodies. I’m going to use  this printable for the basket!

Oh and alternates! Because some times your best intentions just don’t happen…

Alternate 1 – Starbucks cake pops! (this may have to happen no matter what…maybe no the 11th because that’s her actually bday)

Alternate 2 – Heart stickers…because you can’t go wrong with a toddler and a page full of stickers! I got a box of 1000 Valentine stickers at Party City for $1.99!

Alternate 3 – Candy…yep just give her some candy!


One thought on “14 Days of Love!

  1. I love how intentional you are with your girls and that you make it a priority to do those fun crafty things with them! It’s inspiring for me and I’m glad when you share your ideas. You often give me ideas to do with Jude, so thank you!

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