Special Memories – A Mickey Mouse Mug

il_fullxfull.280077717You see this mug? It’s not mine. It’s a picture of a mug that I found on esty. Why did I look for this picture? Because I used to have this mug and today it broke. You may think that this is a funny thing to hold on to for years…and it really has been years. They Etsy listing posted it as ‘vintage 1987’, which is probably the year I got it. It’s a silly mug but I’ve kept it for a long time. The other side has Mickey on it and it says ‘Happy Birthday.’ You see, my dad got me this mug. The memory is a little foggy but it is such a sweet memory that it makes me feel warm inside ever time I look at this mug. My birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day so I remember my dad coming home with this mug for me and a Valentine’s Day mug for my mom (deeply sorry I was not able to find a picture of hers). Who knows what my mom thought of my dad bringing her a Mickey Mouse mug for Valentine’s day, but my dad bringing me that special gift meant so much to me. And I think I loved that my mom had a ‘matching’ one!  It meant so much to me that I have been drinking out of it for 26 years! All through my childhood, high school, I took it to college with me and even now, married with kids I would drink from it and little Capri would point and shout “Mickey Mouse!”

Making memories with our kids is so important and sometimes it can be so easy. It’s doing the special things. It’s taking the time to do something a little out of the ordinary. It doesn’t have to be an actual gift like this was. It could be taking the time to have a tea party or build a fort or go on a treasure hunt. Those memories are special. This memory to me said that my dad loved me, thought about me, and wanted to give me something special. I’m sure there were other crazy psychological things going on that stamped this in my memory…perhaps the fact that this mug is from 1987 and he gave it to me in February just one month after my little brother was born – I have feeling I was needing a little extra love and attention!

So I’m especially sad that this little mug is gone (although Jeremy probably isn’t since he has asked me more than once why I still have it!). However, it has reminded me 1) how much I love my dad! and 2) I want to be looking for ways to make special memories for my kids!

Do you have any special memories like this or little mementos that you have kept for years? What are some things you are doing with your kids to make fun memories?


2 thoughts on “Special Memories – A Mickey Mouse Mug

  1. One of my favorite childhood memories is walking my dog with my mom in Houston. In the middle of our walk we got drenched in a sudden downpour. My mom shrugged her shoulders and we continued our walk in the rain! When we got home, changed into our robes and drank hot chocolate.

    • Beth, that is a great memory! I want to try to be like that with my kids – just go with things and not worry about getting dirty or messing up our schedule just so we can have fun and make memories!

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