New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not super into New Year’s Resolutions…although you would think that I would be since I love lists and checking things off of them. I love goals and charts and always have. Maybe you remember this ambitious list from a few years ago…yeah that didn’t last super long as I got pregnant and was sick and then had a baby and then had another baby and well, things change. I don’t have  along list for this year. In fact I’m just going to do one thing, or remove one thing for a little while.

For the month of January I’m scaling back my computer time. No facebook. No instagram. Minimal Pinterest (I’ve decided I need it to help plan a baby shower and a birthday party and since I’m still nursing at night I’m allowed to browse then since I need something that is mindless enough to be able to do in the middle of the night but still keep me semi-conscious at the same time!). Less blog reading – Half the time I’m overwhelmed when I open my blog reader and end up just marking most of the items as read. I went through and deleted a bunch of blogs and then moved some to a ‘is it a keeper?’ folder. I will only be reading a smaller selection – those written by friends, those that are really encouraging to me, and a handful that are creatively inspiring. No blogging (yep, I’m not going to blog in January…not that I have done it all that much recently).

And that’s it. That’s my resolution. It’s just for a month but I’m looking at it as a little social media detox. I feel like I can fall into the trap that most people fall into with social media – I compare myself with everybody (either I feel depressed that I’m not good enough or I’m prideful that I’m better than others) or I get all judgy-judgerson about people (not a good character quality). And it sucks away my time.

With that said, I wish you a happy new year! I will see you in February!


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