Advent Week 3

Day 17 – I used this link for Marshmallow Pops.  So easy and they look so fun! A definite addition to future birthdays and other parties! Capri loved helping ‘make’ these and of course she loved eating them as well! Essentially a marshmallow covered in sugar – what’s not to like?


Day 18 – Puppy Treats. What a great activity! It was super easy and then we had these great dog treats! Capri’s friend Harper was over so they both made them together for their dogs, Turner and Mason. Capri kept eating the batter…(pumpkin and parsley don’t sound awesome to me but whatever). Harper was really into using the cookie cutter. Overall a success! I think we’ll be making these again. I think is a great recipe but there are a lot of them out there so we might try some other ones. I got the dog biscuit cookie cutter from Hobby Lobby for 75 cents!photo-15

Day 19 – Snowflakes with Glitter. So we didn’t actually really end up painting our snowflakes…we really just ended up painting, but that was a big hit! I had bought a pack of glitter paints on clearance forever ago and this was the first time we broke them out. I had put a big sheet of paper underneath the snowflake and we ended up painting that. When it dried I hung it up in her room. She talks about it every day. I thinking we need to do more painting!


Day 20 – Christmas Cookies with friends. So fun to decorate Christmas cookies and even more when we do it with friends. Capri didn’t get a lot of decorating done but she did eat some cookies and a lot of sprinkes! She also got in some good play time with her friend Ella and I got some time in with Ella’s mom, Heather!


Day 21 – Peppermint Marshmallows. So this was one of those activities that I pinned on Pinterest but didn’t actually go to the link…so when I went to look at the recipe so I could buy the ingredients I realized the link was to an etsy page! Luckily I found this Peppermint Marshmallow recipe from Betty Crocker and it was simple and turned out great! I am looking forward to making homemade marshmallows again sometime! I actually made them myself without Capri and then the next day after they had set she helped me roll them in powdered sugar. And then we proceeded to make cornbread and caramel corn so we got lots of good cooking time in that day in preparation for Christmas!


Day 22 – Christmas Pajamas. I love pajamas for myself and you really can’t have too many pajamas for kids (in my opinion). Jeremy and I went to Carter’s and picked these wintery pjs out for the girls. Capri got this one and Colette got this one.  I had wanted to get coordinating ones but I couldn’t find the right size/combo but these are still fun!photo-17


Day 23 – Stockings. As part of our advent pockets growing up we always went on a treasure hunt for our stockings on Christmas morning. This year my mom made a simple treasure hunt for Capri and my brother’s girlfriend’s son who was also with us. They were so cute on their little hunt for their stockings!


Day 24 –Bear Stays Up for Christmas . This is the Christmas book we purchased this year. Super cute!photo-18

Day 25 – Go to Grammie and Pappa Neill’s. Pretty self-explanatory. We went to Jeremy’s family’s house for Christmas day and had a lovely time!


And with that it’s all over…I had so much fun! And it helped me to have at least one thing planned for every day. I’m thinking about doing it for a few other holidays…we shall see!


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