Advent Week 2

Let me just begin by saying that I am loving The Jesus Storybook Bible. I tear up almost every day when I read it and Capri doesn’t quite know what to do about it! She loves hearing the stories too. She even brings it to me and says “read Bible!” So that’s been a big hit. Overall I am really enjoying doing the advent. I think I might be enjoying it more than Capri is! I love that we have something new to do every day. It is also making me love being a mom right now as she experiences all these new things and as I take the time to do these things with her!

Day 8 – Marshmallow Snowmen – This was not wholly successful. I didn’t actually have all the supplies that I should have had and it really ended up being “Capri eats marshmallows and caramel filled kisses” not make snowmen…


Day 9 – Paint with Water craft. I picked this up at Target for $1. It was a little gingerbread man/house and you just paint with water and the colors show up. Also not super successful – she wasn’t into it for very long 😦


Day 10 – Make apple cinnamon muffins in snowman muffin cups! This was not what I had planned on for the day, but sometimes you have to improvise! I got these little snowman muffin cups years ago and finally had a reason to use them! (Like that little sweater? It was mine when I was little!)


Day 11 – Little felt trees. I was inspired by this post I saw on pinterest. I cut the trees out from my leftover felt from the other felt tree I made and then glued a felt star on top. I used some rick rack scraps as garland just to add a little something. I had a bag of buttons that I’m pretty sure I’ve had since grade school and we glued them on. It was a fun activity and now it’s hanging on the fridge!


Day 12 – The Sweet Smell of Christmas. My mom got this book for Capri last year. It was a favorite growing up and I still love reading it today. I wanted to do this activity with it but decided that after the paint with water disinterest I would wait until next year.


Day 13 – Share a Starbucks Peppermint Cake Pop with Mom! I had originally planned on a Starbucks outing but that did not work on this day…both girls fell asleep in the car and I decided to just go through the drive-thru, get a cake pop to share, and go home. I think it was just as good!


Day 14 – Santa Lost His Beard! Can you help glue it back on? I was inspired by this post and used her printout. Unfortunately we were having a rough day and soon after I took this picture she threw it all onto the floor while screaming…and that was the end of that!


Day 15 – Christmas Activity Book. I this up at Target. We really can’t have too many coloring books in our house – we color a lot! And Capri is a bit obsessed with snowmen so it has been fun to color them!


Day 16 – A holiday Bearista. Several years ago I saw the holiday Bearistas at Starbucks and thought how fun it would be to get them for my future kids…So this year I decided that I would budget in the money to buy the $15 bear for one of our advent days. I think it might be fun to get one every year and have a little Christmas bear collection…we’ll see how it goes in future years. Maybe one for each child will be enough. Anyway, note to self for next year – buy it when you see it the first time! I went to 3 stores and called several more before I was able to actually get one on the day that I went to buy it. And I just looked on the online store to link to it and as it turns out they don’t have them online anymore either! I think they are super cute and Capri really loves hers!



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