BFF Day!

photo-18Capri has a best friend, Harper…It just so happens that Harper needed a place to hang out on Tuesdays from now until her little brother is born in February and we are the lucky people who get to host her! What fun! Last week was our first week and we had a full day of fun! We decided to bake some cookies! Capri has no fear in the kitchen. She was busy showing Harper how to do everything from measuring the flour to cracking the eggs! I’m afraid we may have instilled some bad habits into Harper. At first she was being so good by kneeling on the chair but after watching Capri crawl up there and stand so she could see and touch everything she did it too. She was definitely a little more hesitant and watched Capri a lot but she got involved after a bit. photo-24

After baking the cookies we had to clean up…


Capri really loves to wash dishes…


At one point I heard a lot of giggling…I went into the bedroom and this is what I found. Capri is under the crib somewhere too 🙂


We took a little break to watch some Veggie Tales and read books apparently.


For a snack we had ‘popsicles’…really it’s YoKids squeezers that I freeze because Capri hasn’t wanted yogurt lately so I freeze them and call them popsicles and she can’t get enough of them!


I won’t like to you…I was exhausted…and still exhausted the next day! They napped for less than an hour and I still was taking care of Colette. I think all three were asleep for about 15 minutes – not enough time to recharge! The afternoon was still fun but they took turns melting down because they were both so tired and once Harper left Capri had a difficult evening. Still it was all worth it for the hundreds of precious moments I got to witness with them throughout the day. I think it will be the highlight of our weeks!


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