Reading – First Meetings, Mazer in Prison, and Shadow of the Hegemon

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I am still on my Orson Scott Card kick…and probably will be for a while! I got First Meetings in the Enderverse from my library. Just a few short essays. One was about Ender’s father when he is ‘recruited.’ Another about Ender’s parents when they met during university. The original Ender’s Game essay was included and I scanned some of it but I read the whole novel so recently (and Ender’s Shadow) that I didn’t really feel the need to re-read it. And then a short story of Ender and Valentine not long after they left their first colony. Fun background and an easy read.

I also read Mazer in Prison, but I found this shory story on the internet. An interesting looking in to Mazer Rackham.

9534Most recently I read the second installment in the Bean Quartet, Shadow of the Hegemon. I actually really love the history/political side of these books. Bean is not as lovable of a character as Ender is, but it is still fascinating and enjoyable. 4 out of 5 stars.


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