Happy Thanksgiving!

photo-39I know it’s a little late for this, but better late than never! I got to host Thanksgiving this year, which was very exciting for me and in a lot of ways more convenient because you have to pack a ton of stuff to go somewhere with two little ones! And Capri never sleeps well when we are away from home so just another bonus to making everyone come to us!

It’s been a while, but I did get a little Thanksgiving crafting done. I am loving having a mantle and I made this simple burlap banner for Thanksgiving. I just bought some burlap at the fabric store and cut it into triangles. I used dark brown canvas for the letters. I just found an font I thought would be easy to cut out and printed it out on paper, cut out the paper, traced it onto the cloth, and cut out the cloth. I used fabric glue to attach it to the burlap. I thought about sewing it but I’m glad I didn’t. I used jute twine to string it through just using a blunt embroidery needle. I love how it turned out and I bought a little dark red fabric and plan to make a small one that just says ‘merry’ to go where the ‘happy’ went but no Christmas since our stockings will be there…perhaps I’ll post a picture later!

photo-12I used printables from The Tom Kat Studio. That free printable collection has me hooked! I love the blog and their store. Their prices are very reasonable and I would have ordered my supplies from them but I ended up needing to use my Amazon prime to get things on time! This picture looks kind of sad… but I actually thought it looked  a lot more festive than this picture does!

For the appetizers we had –

Pumpkin Cake Balls – I felt like these were kind of a fail. The cake itself turned out great, but I think I added too much cream cheese frosting and it was not cakey enough…then the store only had this weird white bark that didn’t taste very good. The only person who really liked them was Capri which was also kind of a fail because that is all she wanted all. day. long.


Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip – This was excellent! I really liked it. I didn’t use any cumin and I think next time I might put in less sugar.

Lil’ Smokies – I don’t know if my brother would come if I didn’t make these!

Harvest Pretzels – Well, that’s what I called these! I made some for 4th of July and they were fun so I did it again, but this time I only used milk chocolate and I used my fall sprinkes and a couple of them had heath bits leftover from the cheesecake!

So I was in charge of appetizers and we also did some of the sides – Jeremy made mashed potatoes and green beans. I made stuffing from a bag. My brother’s girlfriend made a ridiculous sweet potato pudding casserole thing – so amazing! I need to get that recipe. My mom made the turkey and gravy, the rolls and pumpkin pie.

photo-51Something else inspired by The Tom Kat Studio! I was ridiculously excited about these! I bought the generic brand of our grocery store’s Starbucks frappucinos and then wrapped them with jute twine. I got the straws off amazon and shared the package with a friend because I really didn’t need 150 straws!

I also used the rest of our fall cookies that we decorated (and I had frozen) and used the little thank you printables. We also used brown paper bags with the leftover printables.

It was so nice having all the printables to tie everything together. I think everyone felt like it was festive and that we had put effort into making it special!


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