Caramel-Toffee Cheesecake

My Grandma and her husband came to visit a couple of weeks ago and they just happened to come on her 77th birthday! My mom suggested I make because my Grandma likes those. I haven’t ever really made a cheesecake…except when I made these. So off to Pinterest I went to find a recipe! I decided on this Caramel-Toffee Cheesecake. I had a little help along the way…

While I worked on the crust, Capri helped soften the cream cheese…all five bricks of it!

The crust is made of gingersnaps which I thought was really cool, but after eating it I think I prefer the graham cracker crust.

Right out of the oven – it smelled amazing!

And finally…

So this cheesecake is not for the faint of heart…it took a long time! You really have to plan ahead…there is a lot of cooling that takes place and it has to be refrigerated overnight before topping it with caramel (and then refrigerated again! I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Luckily and I have wonderful cooking friends like Beth who encourage me and give me pointers on techniques I haven’t tried (like baking a cheesecake in water)! The only real trouble I had was with the caramel. I burnt my first batch…I thought I was turning the heat down and then all of a sudden my caramel was black and smoky and I realized I had been turning the heat up and that it was now on high! I was running late so Jeremy actually made the second batch of caramel – perfectly!

So I don’t really like cheesecake…However I had really hoped that with all the time I had put into it that it would somehow be amazing. People said it was a great cheesecake…I didn’t love it, but again all the effort didn’t make love cheesecake. I did like it better the next day (there were a lot of leftovers – it’s a big cheesecake!)


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