Halloween 2012

So Halloween was a week ago and I have some cute pics to post! I have only dressed up for Halloween once in my life. Growing up our family didn’t celebrate Halloween so I never dressed up as a kid or did the whole trick or treating thing. Honestly I’ve never really felt like I missed out but man, my kids sure are cute in their costumes! Look at that little peanut! She is just so cute I could eat her up! Last year Capri was a lady bug too but this is a different outfit that Colette is wearing.

Cute as a bug!

We had some of this going on most of the night…

Here is our little fairy. She had a fever and wasn’t feeling too hot. I gave her some tylenol and she did ok.

We went to a few houses to get candy, but mostly she was into dumping out our candy and putting it back in the bowl…over and over and over again!

Still so cute!

It was a short lived night but some fun memories were made (including a first trick or treating experience for all of the Kirkland girls!)


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