It all started with seeing this little boy at the park with his wagon. He got to pull his wagon so why couldn’t Capri pull hers? Normally she isn’t allowed to because Colette is in it and that’s just not safe but this particular day it was just the two of us. So she decided she wanted to pull the wagon…and since then she always wants to pull it. She seems to both love it and hate it. She insists on doing it but she gets sooooo frustrated while she does it! If it won’t do what she wants she screams, she throws fits, she bites the handle! Crazy child! Needless to say we have had to put the wagon aside for now (except for a trip to Sweet Berry Farm that did not end well do to that wagon!). I love the wagon, I’m hoping soon we’ll be able to use it again without it causing such drama!

It starts out fine…I mean, look how cute she is!


And then this happens…notice how nothing is wrong with the wagon and I didn’t tell her to do anything or stop her from doing anything. It just happened…sigh….

And then this happened…and our new neighbors came out of their house to see what all the screaming was about…

She’s not even 2 yet! Keep the fun times coming!


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