Going to the Park!

Are evenings hard in your house? After Capri wakes up from her nap isn’t always easy but we’re busy eating a snack and hanging out and then cooking some dinner. Between after dinner and bedtime though tend to be pretty rough. By then Jeremy and I are tired and Capri is tired and wanting our attention. It’s not generally a great time for us. Well, lately we’ve been going to the park – a lot. Almost every evening for the last two weeks we finish dinner, clean up, and then get in the wagon and head to the park for about an hour. Capri loves it. She runs around and genearlly gets pretty tired out and relaxes on the swings. I get to enjoy time outside and I normally play some music on my phone. Little Colette gets some fresh air too and then we come home and immediately take baths and go to bed! It has been working out really well for us!

Mastering the slide.

Sometimes Colette gets too relaxed and falls asleep.

Sometimes we collect acorns.

It can be frustrating work.

It certainly is serious work.

Look at the acorn I found!

Sometimes we don’t make it to the park because we get distracted by fun things like the mailboxes. No joke she opened and closed the mailboxes for at least 20 minutes! But for real, how cute is she in her jeggings?

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