McCall’s 6015 – Take 2

I wish this picture was better because this dress really did turn out cute! I used McCall’s 6015 again. You may remember I used this pattern to make a dress for Capri at the last sewing retreat. This time I added the sleeves! I made a small since this was a gift for a friend who is having a little girl soon. The pattern says it fits 13-17 lbs so I think 9/12 months or somewhere in there. The one Capri has is a medium and it fits her now, maybe still a little big. I really like this pattern! I am thinking about making it in every size in coordinating fabric so the girls can have coordinating dresses as the grow! We’ll see…

The zipper was a breeze when I made this last spring but I really struggled with it this time and I’m not sure why. The fabric is pink with white polka dots and then of course the bodice is white. I found that little bird applique at Hobby Lobby and I also added the lace to the lining of the skirt so it would peak out the bottom like a petticoat! The whole thing is lined and I think I actually did it correctly this time. Last time I didn’t understand part of the instructions and so I skipped a step only to realize at the end that I could handstitch the lining to finish of the inside and it looks a lot better. I love it when clothes are all finished on the inside!

The sleeves were pretty tricky – they are so small! Thank goodness for basting, that really seems to help! Loving this pattern still and I don’t think this will be the last time I use it!


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