Mommy Mondays – Cooking in the Kitchen

We moved last week…have I mentioned that? Mentioned that my life has been insane? Well, it has been but we have been so blessed. Through a series of happenings that can pretty much only be termed miraculous we have been able to move into a house that is both bigger and nicer than the one we just sold and for a ridiculously affordable rental price! One of the great things about the house is the kitchen. Lots more counter space and cabinet space. We even have an island. This is great because Capri is really into helping me cook and having extra counter space for her to cook with me is really nice (and safer). One night in an attempt to keep her away from the fish I was cooking, we put an apron on her and got out her pots and pans and let her cook up her own fish!


I have really been making an effort to have her do things with me. It takes more time and makes a bigger mess. Sometimes it’s super short-lived and other times it occupies her for a while. We’re learning together. I want my kids to enjoy cooking. Since we have the extra cabinet space i was able to make a kitchen cabinet just for her. She has her own mixing bowls, a saucepan, a frying pan, aprons, measuring cups, and some other small utensils. They are all real, but some are more child-sized. It’s been pretty fun.


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