My first bento box!

I’ve seen some fun things on Pinterst for Bento boxes and seemed like such a good idea! I decided to try it out! I follow a couple of blogs that focus on making Bento boxes. My favorite is probably Meet the Dubiens.

I don’t really have any extra money to be spending on things so I just used what I found in my house. I used a regular tupperware container and then I had these silicone muffin cups (that I don’t use for baking because they haven’t been very successful). I bought a pack of those little drink umbrellas like 10 years ago and no matter how many times I pull them out there always seems to be tons more left!

I cut up string cheese and then put her gummy vitamin in there. There are cut up grapes in the pink cup. She loves melt-away mints so she had those in the little cup. Then I used a small heart shaped cookie cutter to cut up her walnut pumpkin bread. I think it turned out pretty good for the first time and she seemed to enjoy it. She ate her gummy vitamin first and then the melt away mints (next time we’ll save those for after lunch!)

There are so many awesome things you can get to make your lunches with! I love all the little food cutters and picks…someday!

Waking up from my nap and wondering what mom has done to my lunch!


An umbrella?

I guess I’ll start with my gummy vitamin.

Taking the plunge.



2 thoughts on “My first bento box!

  1. I do have a few cute bento boxes, but usually my lunches are just a collection of leftovers and treasures in the fridge. I hate wasting food, so the creativity of going beyond a sandwich helps me save money too. Welcome to bento!

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