Toddler Tuesday – Time to reset

My dear friend Beth over at thinkliz hosts a weekly post called Toddler Tuesday, and I am excited to link back to it!

Some days are the best! Your toddler is soooo enjoyable and you wish lots of people could share in the fun. She’s sweet and and fun and you just play and experience all day long and she takes good naps and she goes to bed without crying and life is so great. Some days are not like that. We were lucky to have a stream of days that were really enjoyable and I was able to pull myself away from my to do list so we could just be together and that was awesome!

Here are some pictures from the other morning – she is clearly quite happy eating her eggs and blueberries and this was a start to a rather fantastic day!


Some days really are more difficult. I’m writing this post on Monday and Capri woke up kind of grumpy and ornery this morning. It happens…luckily it is our church’s Back Yard Bible Club week and although Capri is well below the minimum age requirement, a friend is hosting a club at her house at 9 am so we went to be supportive. She is really too small to participate with the other kids in the games but she ran around this morning, played with chalk, and ate a rather large Popsicle then came home and crashed! Maybe next week I’ll have some pictures of that to share.

What I really was going to say is that I’m finding that sometimes we need to reset. I’ve seen several pins on Pinterest about resetting with your kids and other day I read this one entitled 20 Ways to ‘Reset’ When the Kids Are Having A Hard Day. Great ideas! Some we’re not quite old enough for but some we definitely are. The one we have been using quite a bit lately is listening to music. My mom just got Capri the 365 My Every Day Bible Song Collection. It has 8 CDs (2 for each season) and obviously 365 songs…I’m not gonna lie, some days it’s hard to put this on (and Jeremy really can’t handle it) – it’s not super awesome to listen to little kids sing, but Capri LOVES it! She even asks to put it on. It really does help turn our afternoons around. It’s kind of funny too because I know almost all of the songs. Having grown up in Sunday School and also having grown up listening to the Wee Sing Bible Songs cassette tapes when I was little I’m pretty well versed in the lyrics.  So some days I am singing my mom’s praises from the hilltops for this gift and other days not so much, but the truth is, music helps us reset and that’s something I’m starting to learn as a parent! You know what else is important (I’m finding)? being in the moment with your kids even if you don’t get to finish making another Once A Month Mom Recipe 😉

*Kind of funny side note – in listening to these songs I’ve found that when I was little I didn’t always know the correct words. There is one that says that “Jesus is down in my heart to stay” and pretty much my whole life I’ve been singing “Jesus is down in my heart Tuesday” and I always wondered why they didn’t sing about the other days of the week…I know – ridiculous!

**I’m also finding some good truths in some of the songs (it ‘helps ‘ that they are so repetitive) – “trust and obey, there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey.” That one has kind of been ringing through my head this last week!


One thought on “Toddler Tuesday – Time to reset

  1. That’s one adorable girl! I love high chair pictures…so pure and sweet. Thanks for linking to my reset post. Your girls will be old enough for those activities before you know it. 🙂 Lisa~

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