Once A Month Mom – A New Month!

I’m going to try it again! I’m going to do another Once A Month Mom Menu! I decided I wanted to try one more time before Baby Colette arrives and this way we’ll have some food on hand these last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks of having a newborn (don’t worry, if you were planning on bringing us meals we still want them 😉 I wasn’t overwhelmingly impressed with the Traditional Menu that I tried last time so this time we’re going with the Whole Foods Menu. I’m doing June’s 2012 menu because I was able to do my planning a bit in advance.

I did my grocery shopping on Tuesday. I spent about $50 more than I did on the Traditional Menu. Here’s what’s on the docket – I’ve already ‘made’ the taco seasoning. I also made the freezer jam, but haven’t tried it yet (Picture the left!). The yogurt is in the crock pot as I type this (and I’m pretty excited about that!), and I think tonight I am going to make the crunchy coconut chicken so we can have it for dinner and then I’ll freeze the rest of it!

Here’s the menu for this month!




Add Ons

Stats so far:

Breakfasts: 0 out of 3 completed

Lunches: 1 out of 3 completed (as of tonight!)

Dinners: 0 out of 6 completed

Add-Ons: 2 out of 4 completed (as of tomorrow morning when the yogurt is ready!)

One thought on “Once A Month Mom – A New Month!

  1. Mmmm some of those sound amazing. You’ll have to tell me what you think of them – I need some serious meal planning inspiration these days!

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