Toddler Tuesday

My dear friend Beth over at thinkliz hosts a weekly post called Toddler Tuesday, and I am excited to link back to it!

We have been in a bit of survival mode over here…Our house is on the market so I spend a lot of time picking things up and cleaning…and why is my kitchen always full of dirty dishes? I know we eat 3 times a day but it still seems excessive! Also with Jeremy’s granny not doing well, he’s been gone on weekends a lot or working to make a little extra cash so we’ve just been enjoying regular days without a lot of extra activities or projects…so today, some pictures of my sweet girlin her super cute tutu!

Eating our snack out of our fabulous new snack cups…how did I ever live without these?

More snacks…with the dog hovering nearby (he doesn’t like the new cups as much…not so many spills!)

And now we’re playing with the hose…

Sometimes you need to take your snack for a drive.


And a lovely self-portrait…not a great pic of myself, although honestly this is probably how I look most of the time anyway. I just love how she’s watching me!


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