Double-Cherry Upside-Down Cake (oh the drama…)

Last Wednesday in the early afternoon I imagined writing this post by saying lovely things about how I love baking and summer berries, and birds chirping…my world was so full of hope and anticipation! I’ve been getting cherries at the grocery store lately and they have been oh so wonderful. I had the opportunity to volunteer to make a dessert for a meeting at our church (that I wouldn’t actually be attending) and jumped at the opportunity since I get to make dessert so rarely lately. I immediately opened my summer cooking magazines looking for a wonderful summer treat! Cooking Light had some awesome cherry recipes and I knew I had to try one. I needed to feed 12 people so I chose the Double-Cherry Upside-Down Cake (of course looking back I wish I’d made the Cherry Galette). Doesn’t that picture of the cake look amazing?

I’ll admit, I was already hearing the compliments in my head as I imagined dropping off my perfect cherry upside down cake! It would be so perfect. I had a lovely time making it and I was oh so full of anticipation. Everything went off without a hitch. I even didn’t mind that pitting the cherries was a bit time consuming. I put the whole thing in the oven and spent the next hour smelling it’s wonderful scents!

I pulled it out of the oven and it was perfectly golden brown! I was a little unsure of myself so I followed the directions to the letter. The toothpick inserted into the center came out clean. I left it to cool in the pan on a wire rack for 10 minutes….as it turns out neither of these proved to be enough.

I hate flipping desserts…but I figured, “Ellie, you’re a pretty bad ass cook, if you follow the directions you can totally handle this.” I looked down at Capri, who was standing at my feet and said, “Here’s the scary part,” took a deep breath and flip…and my heart sank. For one the instructions said to flip it onto a wire cooking rack – dumb! why would I do that? I quickly moved the rack onto a cookie sheet as I saw everything begin to seep through!

I really tried not to panic as I looked at the edges falling off…I probably would have let myself panic except that Jeremy was really sick that day and I didn’t think he could help me at all if I went into full on melt down mode. I tried to breathe deeply. I took the dessert up to church a little early…still on the cooling rack because there was no way I could move it onto the lovely cake stand that I had envisioned displaying it on. I decided to spoon it into bowels and then cover it with ice cream. Of course once I started spooning it I discovered that the cake portion had all seeped down through the cooling rack, oh and the very center part of the cake wasn’t even completely finished yet!

It was a humbling and semi-disastrous experience. And I won’t lie, it wasn’t a cheap experience either – there are 2 kinds of cherries on there and despite them being on sale that’s still a lot of cherries! I will say that I ate the pieces that fell of the end and they were quite tasty but the presentation was utterly disappointing.

I have been tempted to try again because I hate that this recipe beat me, but I’m not buying all those cherries again and I’m worried that even if I try again it still won’t be a success. So there it is…my sad cherry cake story.



2 thoughts on “Double-Cherry Upside-Down Cake (oh the drama…)

  1. Oh I have had similar stories – I should tell you the one about how the cake I was making ended up on the floor. Yeah, that was not one of my best moments! It was still beautiful and very tasty!

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