Toddler Tuesday – Honest Toddler

My dear friend Beth over at thinkliz hosts a weekly post called Toddler Tuesday, and I am excited to link back to it!

Honest Toddler: Ok, so this is not a post about the amazing, creative, and selfless things I have been doing/producing with my adorable 16 month (!) old toddler. This is a post pointing you to a blog I discovered last week, Honest Toddler. If you need to stop reading here to go check it out, that’s ok, I understand. This is a blog for ‘those’ days, which let’s just be honest, somehow there is a part of everyday that feels like one of ‘those’ days with a toddler. This blog is a hilarious break that is so needed in my days of diaper changing, playing on the floor (despite being 8 months pregnant), cutting food into tiny pieces, and waking up at night for no apparent reason…

Still reading my blog? Stop it! Go read the Honest Toddler blog! It’s so much better than mine!


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