Product Love – CJ Korean BBQ Sauce, Kalbi Marinade

We have some pretty awesome neighbors. Jeremy is so good at getting to know people. He just yells over the fence and talks and asks questions. Our neighbors, Vince and Amy, have a unique story. They met via the Internet and got married – not totally uncommon these days – however it is a little bit cool that Amy is from China and came over here to get married to Vince! We actually got to write one of the letters testifying that they do in fact live like a married couple as Amy applied for her visa renewal. They also just gave birth to their first child just a couple of weeks ago. We’ve enjoyed talking babies and cloth diapers with them!

So they are cool for a lot of reasons and another in particular is they make ridiculously good food! And right now Amy’s mom is here from China. And the food has been plentiful! One day they made some amazing pork ribs and Jeremy just had to have the recipe for the marinade! The next day they brought us this bottle of CJ Korean BBQ marinade. They bought it for us at an Asian market, but I have found it on Amazon! We’re already halfway through the bottle! This stuff is great and you don’t have to add anything else to it other than some pepper (oh, and the meat, of course). Vince suggested we only use it on pork ribs, but we are adventurous people! Our favorite thing so far has been on steak kabobs! We are finishing up a Christmas gift of Omaha steaks and had some sirloin tips that needed using.  It’s a little warm for stew so I marinated and skewered those puppies – soooooo yummy! We also had grilled peaches and grilled squash – grilled peaches are so amazing!

So, if you’re looking for a new marinade, you should try this out. It’s a little sweet and not at all spicy, but you could totally throw in some good chili sauce to spice it up a little! I totally recommend it!

*I was not paid not received anything for this post, I just get excited about food.


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