Soda Bread Biscuits

I made a batch of Simply Recipe’s Soda Bread Biscuits last week for may women’s small group. I’ve been missing baking lately and pulled up my Pinterest board to get a recipe to try out. These were soooo easy and versatile and I think they turned out great! You can really added whatever you want into them. I left out the caraway seeds, but I added lemon zest, dried cranberries, and some candied ginger. She is unsure in her post if they should be called bread or biscuits…I felt like they were more like scones, but easier because you just plop them in your muffin tin! Mine had to cook a little longer than the recipe said because I pulled them out and poked a knife into one of them and it wasn’t done on the inside.

I give these 5 stars! If you need a simple recipe and want to use ups some fun stuff in your pantry – sweet or savory! These are a great base!


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