Mommy Mondays – Parenting with Love and Logic

You may actually be thinking, “Did Ellie quit blogging again?”. No, I did not, but life has been a little hectic around here lately. We have a lot going on in our lives – baby coming, house on the market, Jeremy’s job stuff is always kind of in the air, and Jeremy’s grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live – a lot going on taking up both physical and emotional energy.

In the midst of that, I have had some time to do some reading. A couple of weeks ago Capri went through a weird sleep cycle thing for about a week and she would only go to sleep if we were sitting on the floor in her room. During one of those nights I decided to try to make the most of it and pulled up the book Parenting with Love and Logic on my Kindle App and began reading it.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked Jeremy’s ear off while reading this book (and maybe my mom’s, Beth’s and some ladies from my small group…).  It’s given me a lot to think about. I do totally recommend this book – although I’m hesitant to say it’s the ultimate book on parenting – I do think it has a lot of good ideas. I grew up in a house that parented using mostly the principles of Growing Kids God’s Way. I think my parents did a great job, but there are some things about that method that rub me a little the wrong way and I think some of the principles in Love and Logic probably would have fit my personality better as I was growing up and honestly think it will fit my parenting style better as I parent as an adult.

I didn’t agree with everything this book had to say. In fact there were several examples that had to do with food/eating that I didn’t particularly like. However, like all parenting books (or any advice books for that matter), you take what you agree with and can tweak other things to fit your family. One thing I felt was that I will need to read this book every day for the next 10 years to get some of the principles turned into habits in our home! I’m excited to start implementing some of the things even now as Capri is little. We even started a little with some small things like when she is walking with us and we want her to hold our hand. Now we ask her, “would you like to hold my hand or would you like me to carry you?” She seems to understand even now and will choose one or the other!

So, I liked the book. I think we’ll use a lot of the principles in it for our own parenting. What parenting books have you found to be helpful to you?


2 thoughts on “Mommy Mondays – Parenting with Love and Logic

  1. That is the first thing we started with Harper, too! Especially because she would often refuse to hold my hand when walking, and we were often outside, near a street, in public, etc. She definitely does better now, and knows that if she wants to walk by herself, she has to hold our hand :). I am still only on Chapter 3-4 and am hoping to get much farther while at the beach in a couple of weeks.

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