Sewing Retreat – Post #6 – Simplicity 2296

More sewing retreat progress…the last one…

So on Sunday morning I finished installing the zipper on the McCall’s dress and decided I didn’t want to start anything that I couldn’t finish. A couple of months ago I had purchased a couple of 18″ doll clothes patterns from Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each and I had brought along some scraps of fabric in case I wanted to make one of these little projects. It seemed like the perfect way to end the weekend. I used Simplicity 2296. Honestly I was a little nervous about sewing something so small so I chose the outfit that looked the easiest. It’s supposed to be a dress but it looks a little short to me.

Now you probably think, well, just try it on the doll and you’ll be able to see…well, the thing is, we don’t actually own a doll this size…yet. Growing up I read all the American Girl books. I wanted a doll sooooo badly! I even got the catalogs in the mail and would pour over them dreaming about which doll and which outfits I would get. I even had a friend who had 2 of them and she just threw them in the bottom of her closet (that made me so sad!). I never did get one, however. Of course I now realize that buying a doll that costs over $100 is a little much so I can’t really blame my parents for never getting me one. Will we get one for our girls? I’m not sure…it’s a lot of money and there are other 18″ dolls out there for a lot less money so we may go that route…either way I plan to relive my childhood fantasy through my girls and have a doll this size…and my plan, once they are old enough to have dolls this size, I will already have a little collection of homemade doll clothes to give them with it!

I have to say, this was such an enjoyable and satisfying project! It’s small and was finished relatively quickly and it’s so cute! I used just a fat quarter to complete it! I also didn’t use velcro on the back but used a little snap instead – hopefully it will hold up to little hands! I don’t know what fabric it is – it was a fat quarter I bought at Hancock’s years ago…I’m looking forward to making more little doll clothes in the future!


One thought on “Sewing Retreat – Post #6 – Simplicity 2296

  1. This is funny…because Grace, our 8 1/2 yr old, has never owned an American Girl Doll (though she has 4 of the 6 inch mini-versions they created that she uses in a doll house Andy built her), but she’s read nearly every book they’ve written, gets all the magazines, tells us what she wants (occasionally Andy will build her a bed, or something, similar to what she sees in the magazine) but we’ve also let her know the real ones are “too much!” (unless you have a wealthy grandparent- which seems to be the case for many of her friends!) But we’ve gone with the Our Generation from Target- she has one of their dolls and many of the outfits (how cool that you can sew your own outfits!!) and loves it, and we found some more dolls at Michael’s craft store with even cheaper clothes. I think it is cool that her 2 dolls are different in head size, shape (so they can’t share all their clothes) but just like her and her friends- they’re different heights and shapes…that’s way more real life, people!!!)
    Just thought I’d share!!

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