Sewing Retreat – Post #2 – The Junebug Dress

Continuing on with my Sewing Retreat projects!

So I arrived at the Quilt Ranch on Friday afternoon. I worked on the Art Smock first and then began this Junebug Dress. I had seen this on Pinterest and checked out the blog, Craftiness is Not Optional – what an awesome blog! So many awesome little girls sewing tutorials! I have pinned a whole bunch more of them and look forward to trying them! I managed to make this dress with just a yard of fabric (and 6 buttons and a little bit of elastic). And I was able to finish the whole thing (minus sewing on the buttons) that afternoon/evening!

I used Michael Miller’sDumb Dot in Teal. I got this fabric from Jenn at Slightly Biased – heads up – her etsy shop is closing and you can get some great deals right now!

I really loved how this dress turned out! Again, I wish I could post a pic with Capri wearing it but she’s still not feeling great and I think it will still be a bit big on her since the sizing sais 2T/3T and she is just now fitting into her 12 month clothes!

The only thing I would change is that I wish the skirt was a little fuller, but I ran out of fabric so if you had a little more than a yard you could make it a little fuller…:)


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