Sewing Retreat – Post #1 – Toddler Art Smock

This past Mother’s Day weekend I had the priveledge to go on a Sewing Retreat with a few of my lady friends. I haven’t been on one of these since right after Capri was born (and I took her with me that time!). It was so great – relaxing and productive. This time we stayed at the Wimberley Quilt Ranch – what a fabulous little place! It was set up so well and made the weekend so much more enjoyable and it was less than an hour away and what a lovely drive!

I decided I wasn’t going to pressure myself with any goals other than relaxing and enjoying myself and maybe doing some fun sewing projects. I picked out several projects to bring and completed 5 projects (all for my girls!).

So without further ado…

The first project I completed was the Toddler Art Smock from One-Yard Wonders. (Sidenote- interested in the projects from this book. They did a sew along for all the projects in this book over at Pink Chalk – check it out!) I wish I could post a picture of Capri wearing this but she isn’t feeling well today, so maybe at a later date…It’s supposed to fit up to a size 4T so I think she’ll be able to wear it for a while, despite it being a bit large right now.

This was a pretty simple project and one I think I would consider making again as a gift. It took me a little longer than it should because I misread the directions at one point and had to rip out 3 different seams and fix them, but other than that…

I used Amy Butlter’s home dec fabric, bright buds in aqua from her August Fields line. I think I must have purchased this on sale a while ago and had it in my stash – still have at least another yard left! I thought the home dec would be nice and sturdy for an art apron. Now if Capri could just stop eating all the chalk and crayons maybe we could do some art projects!

More projects to come!


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